Every problem is like a big door,

surely there is a solution like a
small key which can open it easily...
Life is simple & Live it Beautiful...

Everybody can do Something for U
but only someone can do anything for u
so dont miss those Persons,
they willbe precious in ur Life...

Have u seen My Smile?
I m looking 4 it everywhere.
I m wondering if u know where it is...
Bcoz, last time i had it
when i was reading ur sms!
Can i get it back???

No candle loses any of its light while
lighting up another candle
so, never stop helping others...
It makes ur life more meaningful...

A simple Bye make us Cry
A simple joke make us laugh
A simple care make us fall in love
A simple touch make us feel better
hope my simple sms make u think of my friendship

Never find fault from ur lovable ones
Bcoz fault may be Small
but that heart will suffer a lot...