When life gives U stones & rocks,

dont sit back & blame life.
Its still Ur choice whether 2 biuld a wall or bridge out of it..
Gud Morning...

My Lover said Smoking is bad
- I stopped smoking
She said drinking is Bad
- I stopped Drinking
She said Our Friendship is Bad
-I stopped My
Bcoz i can get another Love
but i cannt get true friend like U...
Love is a Hand watch
Only one person see the time...
But Friendship is a Wall Clock
Everyone can see the time...
Thats friendship...

No one is born Happy
but everyone is born
with the ability to create happiness.
So make everyone Happy by flashing Ur sweetest smile...

True affection cannot be expressed in words,
it can be expressed only through
Possessiveness & anger
when U get close to others...

Our mind is the greatest Cheater in the world
It makes 1000 of different xcuses to go by
its own way...

Never break 5 thing in life:
wen they break they dont make noise
but pains a lot...