If u don''''t mind
If u don''''t feel bad
If don''''t hesitate

give me a






kissan jam bottle just RS.22.50 only.


Best punishment to a boy:
Give him a mobile phone, with lots of balance and girls phone numbers and leave him at a place where there is no network.


Wife:-I will die.
Husband:- I will also die.

Wife:-why will you die?
Husband:- because I can't bear that much happiness


Two devils came in 2 my dreams. They said-We want 2 disturb some good person. I suggest them ur name. They said -We cannot disturb our boss.


When are you going to marry me?
I can live without you. I love you dear,
marry me within this month otherwise i will die.
See, how Asin messaged me! Silly girl.


God saw me hungry, he created pizza .
He saw me thirsty, he created Pepsi .
He saw me in dark, he created light .
He saw me without problems, he created YOU