You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!!
Just a second,
Don’t misunderstand.

CUTE means:
Troubles Everywhere!


When Life Becomes Lonely,
Just Call Your Friend and Shout..
How Dare I Feel Like Dis,
When You Are On Earth..!!


Friendship is not a word,
Not merely a relationship,
It is a silent promise which says:
“I was” “I am” & “I will b”
A headache 4 u 4ever & ..ever..& ever..


“ F- Field of luv
R- Root of joy
I- Island of God
E- End of sorrow
N- Name of hope
D- Door of understanding..


Heart could only love 4a while,
Feet could only walk 4a mile,
Clothes wont 4ever be in style,
having u as my frnd is 4ever worthwhile!


Special relations r hard to find,
They r rare & one of a kind..
I dont care if i have few,
I'm damn proud that i have d best & that includes u.. :-)