Another MOON ? ……….Possible
Another SUN ? …………..Possible
Another SKY ? …………….Possible
Another Friend Like U ? ………Impossible
‘coz GOD can’t make the same MISTAKE twice


Best quote for this generation

“Oh God, pls grant me patience but, please hurry up”


What is similarity between Bill Gates and me?

Don’t know?

He never comes to my house

and I never go to his house



U R the one who is CHARMING
U R the one who is INTELLIGENT
U R the one who is CUTE
I am the One who is spreading these RUMOURS


Teacher: Which is the oldest animal in the world?
Banta: "ZEEBRA"

Teacher: shocked, how?
Banta: Because its still "BLACK and WHITE".


Munna Bhai: If a dog
without teeth bites you,
what should you do.?.

Circuit: Simple bhai,
take injection without
the needle.!.


A-I’ve a Perfect Son.

B-Does he Smoke.?

B-Does he Come Home Late.?
A-No. NO.

B-Wow.! You actually have
a Perfect Son,
How Old is he.?
A- 6 Months old.!