Americans Invented Cellphone.

Japanese Invented SIM Card.

Indians Invented Missed Call.!

Proud To Be An Indian

Whenever u have to make a decision,

Listen to ur Heart

Then ur head
Then finally


What ur WIFE tells u to do…???

Sweetest kiss- On the head.
Loveliest kiss- On cheeks!
Most romantic kiss- On the lips!
N the hottest kiss?

On d bike’s silencer.

Vadafone New Offer!

Vada 2 Vada Free!
Vada 2 Ullivada 10ps
Vada 2 Parippuvada 40ps
Other vada 49ps!

Tea & Uzhunnuvada free!

Piece of PHILOSOPHY frm a passionate smoker.

“I always THINK of leaving Cigaratte but..

for THINKING, I need a Cigaratte..!!

Girl:- I LOVE U.

Boy:- Me Too.

Girl:- How Much?

Boy:- As much As U do.

Girl:- “YOU CHEATER!” I thought u really LOVE me.

2 lovers r sitting in a park,
Boy was trying 2 touch d girl
Girl: No, no, all dis z only aftr marage
Boy: OK, then call me aftr ur m’rage