Man to Yamraj In Hell:
Can I Make a Call to My Wife
Yamraj- Sure
Man, After the Call – How Much Should I Pay
Yamraj- Nothing! Hell to Hell is FREE

This DOG is one fact of MONKEY
the best FOX ways to CROW make u RAT smile


Now read it again leaving ur nick name
Nice msg ever i read
One Of The BASIC Difference B/w BOYS & GIRLS is,
BOYS Gives, Gives, Gives & FORGIVES.
But GIRLS Gets, Gets, Gets & FORGEtS

Always keep A Photo of Ur Lover in ur wallet
Look at it
when ur in
U will Realise that
0ther Problems r not
as Big as this.

U r very spl 2 me

I always pray 4 ur safty

I cant B with u at al times

So pls B careful.

Especially, wen u jump from tree 2 tree..!

What is diffrence between Problem & Talent?

so simple….
2 boys love 1girl = Problem!
1boy love 2 girls = Talent!

A man calls his wife through an !dea mobile.
But the cal goes to another woman.
loved & got married.
Moral:an !dea can change ur wife!!